Mz. Ambitiouss

 On January 19, 1994,  a gorgeous chocolate Queen named Aysia Davis was Born and raised in Southern California in a city called Orange County. I Graduated from Arnold O. Beckman High School and attended college at FIDM, Saddleback College and later transferred to an HBCU known as "Texas Southern University. The journey for my life has been so surreal from going back and forth to different schools and being undecided on what I wanted to major in was tough. I'm not the average girl who likes school, in fact, everything I learned was outside of school. I've always been the one that would much rather make my money and live life traveling, enjoying family and friends and have my own business. But I knew that in order for me to succeed and have something to fall back on I needed to get my degree.  

I've always been a leader and my parents have always taught me the importance of leadership and entrepreneurship at a young age. I've always  had a desire to have things of my own so the best thing I could do  was become my own boss. At the age of 24 I  created my own path and started my own business as a Personal Brand Stylist. I love and enjoy what I do being able to help people look and feel better about who they are. My business  consist of building personal relationships with  clients and helping them develop their personal self image  and the way they present themselves in social, and professional settings. Along with that, I have a non-profit organization called "Diamond Sister'z" this is an empowerment organization designed to help young melanin ladies define who they are and understand the importance of being apart of  a sisterhood. The program teaches the ladies how to build strong relationships with each other and instilling principles of self-love, sisterhood, self-care, and etiquette. The overall vision of the organization is to create more positive role models and mentors for the generation of girls coming up under us restoring the image of Melanin young ladies back up spiritually, mentally, and physically. 

I always knew that I wanted to be successful I just didn't know how and what I would do to get there. So now here I am creating the life that I want to live. In my book, I feel I'm way behind but In God's eyes, I'm right on time. I am a firm believer that everything you go through in life is to test areas of your strengths and weaknesses and help you to grow beyond your own comfort zone of your safety net. I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Voyage Media two times 2019 &2020 and for me it gave me a little more of a push to complete what I had already started. Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and do what makes you happy not others. I have learned a lot and anything that I do now is done with a purpose. I am still growing and defining my purpose of who I am every day but if there is anything that people know about me that is my purpose aligns with me empowering and inspiring others to be there best self. 


This is not everything about me but enough to help inspire or motivate someone to understand that we all have different journeys. But what matters the most is that you keep going and move at your own pace and stay in your own lane.  Find what makes you complete and always be true to yourself. I am unique because I choose to be me the original version of myself don't cheapen who you are to be a copy version of someone else. My goal is to be able to leave an impact in people's lives wherever I go and they remember me for what I did and how I made them feel. 

 Checkout my interview live with Voyage  Media Houston

  My slogan is -B.E.A.U.T.Y-   " I add value by Inspiring and Empowering Others."

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