Finding You in her Women's Empowerment Conference...My very 1st Speaking Engagement in Indianapolis

On July 30 I took a risk and flew all the way from Dallas to Indiana Indianapolis just to be a breakout session leader and panelist for a women's empowerment conference. The conference was calling Finding You in Her Empowerment Conference. On July 31 I had the pleasure of meeting Destiney who is the president of TEDDC theempowherment group this is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization for uplifting and inspiring women and youth to evolve while empowering their communities. She is a powerful woman full of personality and funny thing is we both share some of the same similarities when it comes to fashion, empowering others and business. I was excited to have an opportunity to travel and meet new women and support them and being able to pour into them leaving impact in a positive influential way.

The breakout session that I had with the ladies my focus topic was mainly about self-love. I gave a small introduction about who I was ,where I'm from and what I do. Being that I am not much of a talker more of a doer I decided to start my session off with the ladies with a bonding activity. I had the ladies pair into two's hold each others hands and stare into each others eyes. The purpose of this activity is to teach the ladies that they are one within each other and show them the importance of properly connecting with your sister to understand her see her and feel her pain. So often we feel we are so different from each other that it causes us to develop self hate and dislike that we can't even know what it feels like to get along love and support once another. By having this do this it will allow them to see themselves within someone else and give them the chance to dig deeper and began their inner healing work.

I created a self healing truth sheet for the ladies to complete full of questions to help them see their personal areas of struggle. This will help them see the things they need to focus on more and serve as a guide to help develop a stronger self-love for themselves. I also gave them small self-love gift bags that had a powerful self-love affirmation card, business card to connect with me, 1 white candle for cleansing, healing emotions, truth and clarity and one pink heart rose quartz crystal attracts abundance of universal love helping healing the heart aiding in forgiveness. The ladies loved the workshop and gift and I was glad I was able to leave making impact. I have attached a self-love truth reveal sheet for you if you want to work on healing yourself on your self-love journey.

Self-Love Truth Reveal Sheet
Download DOCX • 7KB

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