"He is"

Have you ever had an idea in your head of picturing someone to be something that they were and you constantly kept telling yourself things about the person until you actually believed it? Well you're not alone I titled this blog post he is like Brandy song says because we all have a he is meaning how you felt about a man being that one prince charming who you thought or felt you could never get over because of how he made you feel or wanted him to make you feel. Some of us even have an ideal vision of a prince charming man in our heads but still he has yet to appear.Every woman dreams of having that prince charming someone she can love that loves her back unconditionally,makes her feel safe protects her,supports and appreciates her and makes her feel like she is the one and only woman that exist in his world.But then reality kicks in and you realize that the guy who was supposed to be your he is prince charming never showed up or presented himself to you the way you wanted him to. Instead you end up with him who was not who I thought he was.

This guy tells you what you wanna hear leads you on telling you he loves you, stroking your ego and making you feel like you're the only woman he loves. Then he leads you on to think that maybe he will commit to you someday and put a ring on it. But instead the only thing he's willing to commit to is getting his temporary sexual,financial or emotional needs met. He doesn't care about how you feel, supports you, believes in you or what pain or scars he leaves. He manipulates you to stay around so he can continue to play the game of chess with you and a few other women that he juggles around his chess board. In hopes that none of you find out about each other.

As a woman we have become so complacent with the idea that as long as I have a man I'm good. Well I’m here to tell you it’s not good and anybody can have a or get a man but it is the substance that the man brings to the table and adds to what you already have that matters. We all want a prince charming but not willing to do or put in the healing work to receive him. You spend years feeling unwanted in relationships begging and pleading out of desperation to get a man to like or be with you. Only to find out he’s been using you and is in love with someone else. How does that really make you feel?

See the he is not guy is the one who blocks you from receiving your he is mr.prince charming guy. You hold on to him for so long that you feel the possibility of having the charming prince charming guy will never come around. Giving into the words and ways of the he is not a guy that you can’t see or even recognize when the right guy is standing in front of you.

I know this too well because I have been the person to walk in these shoes. It doesn’t feel good when you constantly keep taking heartbreak after heartbreak only to realize that you’ve given so much of your time, energy, effort, support and love to someone who can’t appreciate you or give what was given to them back equally. At times what we think we may want ultimately may not be good for us at all.But we want it so bad that we try to force ourselves onto people and into their lives and end up with a bad outcome and want to blame them for everything. But you don’t acknowledge the role you played in the situation. No matter how much of yourself you give away, just remember that he is not a guy who will never show up for you and be the charming prince that you wanted him to be because he can’t even show up for himself. You owe it to yourself to protect your heart, mind, body and soul.Stop settling and giving guys who haven't earned your respect, time or body just because of an idea of you thinking he is your prince charming. Love is a beautiful thing only when two people know who they are and understand how to give it equally. I cannot tell you the number of women I have met in countless situations who have stayed with a man but were not being treated like the queen that they are. They have been abused, cheated on countless times, manipulated and the list goes on. We all have baggage but being with the wrong man or woman can leave you scarred for life. Look at who you have become, do you like it if your answer is no you need to fix it. You are beautiful and deserve the best don’t hold onto people who can give you what your heart desires or needs. The moment you heal and do the work your blessing for the prince charming of what you really want and deserve will be on the other side of what was blocking you. I hope someone read this is inspired and empowered love will find you but you have to love and put yourself first and remove everything that blocks you from getting what you need.Be more kind to yourself and trust that the law of attraction is working with you. Remember energy never lies so everything you feel inwardly will show up as a test to teach you a lesson and show you a mirror of what you have not fully addressed.


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