Identifying your Self-Love Language

When I think of self-love I think of all the things I have done that have stopped me from fully really loving all of who I am. Everyone speaks on the importance of self-love but there are very few positive real examples to shows us what it really looks like. We place little value on ourselves based on the determination of if someone else shows us that they love us through there actions. However what we often forget is that to discover real true love you must unlock the key of knowing and understanding who you are and finding love for yourself first. Society has taught us that if we look for love in relationships, friendships, and even status that it will make us feel good. But the reality is it's teaching you how to become codependent on searching for love outside of yourself and to believe that love is found in you being connecting with another person. Truth is self-love is all about the value and respect you have for yourself and learning to have self acceptance of who you are and the role you decide to play in other people's lives. We set the tone personally for how others treat and respect us based on how we treat ourselves. At times we don't even realize that we have gotten away from self love because we have become so focused on everyone else that we forget to acknowledge our own selves.

I know this so well because for the longest I struggled with loving and accepting myself. At a young age I was subjected to a few family members that created the thoughts and actions of making me feel like I was less valued. All because I didn't do what they did or looked how they did. It was at that moment that the self doubt and low self esteem of me loving and accepting myself being different kicked in. I always came second place to them and sometimes it seemed as though they would pick on me and do things to make me feel like I was missing out because I didn't have what they did. So as I got older I started to realize that my lack of self love resulted in me searching for love in relationships with guys and friendships. Everyone who came in my life would never have anything to add of value they would just take. Leaving me more and more broken and need to understand that it was never love that they could give to me. I had to give it to myself until I fully understood what self love was I continued to give pieces of myself away because at some point the little girl inside of me just wanted to be loved and accepted for all of who she was not what she could give. Now at 27 after going through so much I have learned that you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. Loving yourself just means accepting all of who you are from the way you look, behavior, actions of what you do with yourself. Make time to be alone understand what you like and dislike and to not accepting less than what you truly deserve. Life teaches all of us lessons and at the end of the day what matters is you don't stay stuck in old things you grow and move forward take what you learned and apply it to be better everyday. Take care of you because no one will do it better than you.

Remember to give feedback I wanna know your thoughts and I believe that what I say and do helps empower and inspire you to be a better you!

here is an article to help you better understand and Identify your self-love love language

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