Regain Your Motivation!

Often times we become so focus and successfully driven to want to succeed. However no one told us that on the journey of becoming successful that you will experience many days when you lack motivation. Truth is even in the lowest moments where you lack motivation there always seems to be something that you can remember or something someone says that can help you regain your focus for success and motivation. During this time of a constant pandemic that seems to never be ending a lot of us have become complacent and have lost our motivation in areas of success, business, relationships, friendships and more. The one question we all should ask ourselves is why do I feel this way and what has contributed to me no longer being motivated about life itself.

The psychology behind motivation is simple it equates to two things positive feedback and negative feedback. Often times when we are given positive feedback from others it results in us to become more motivated to keep doing what we have been doing. Were excited and it's a fuel to keep us pushing in life because we feel both seen, heard and appreciate that someone has taking the time to acknowledge us. But when you get negative feedback or no feedback at all often times this is when the lack of motivation begins. Based on psychology research when we receive positive feedback, we become more motivated. As our motivation increases we perform better and the cycle of this feeds itself and shows up in the form of motivation, performance, rewards. When there is lack of motivation there is no celebration it manifest in the form of procrastination or lack of energy. We experience this because our mind is telling us to stop investing energy in something that is not helping us. Being in a negative feedback loop you want to do nothing but sit around and do nothing at all. The more you begin to take action it helps increase your peak level of motivation.

I can speak to this because being an entrepreneur often times you go back and forth between being motivated and unmotivated. If you don't have the support or feedback that you would like often times it results in you wanting to give up and feeling stuck. Since the pandemic I have been up and down when it comes to staying motivated it was always something that happen to make me feel stuck. Last year on June 30,2021 I took a risk and decided to finally launch my clothing line that I always wanted to have. But of course ran into some set backs before my launch I had product stolen, photoshoot didn't go how I expected and everything that could go wrong did. My motivation from being excited and on a high came down to a low. I lost friends people who I thought cared and loved me didn't even support me. So imagine how that made me feel. I thought maybe I should just give up on selling clothes since everyone was doing it and find something else to do. I had no motivation wasn't seeing any rewards and my performance just dropped. The one thing that helped me to keep going was the positive encouraging words that both my sister and mom continued to say to me. I remembered my why the reason I started and what my purpose was behind doing it. This was my fuel and helped me to keep going and learning how to become my own personal cheerleader. I realized I had to stop comparing myself to others and focus on where I was currently and where I wanted to get too.

Even the ones who seem like that have it all together at times experience lack of motivation. What matters is you choosing to find something that helps you refocus your attention on what you want so you can continue to succeed. Takes breaks when you need and remember if it seems like your failing in life and you are unmotivated remember your why. Get up do something different so you get a different outcome and find that one thing that helps you stay motivated in your own life. I created this article today because even while I'm writing lately I've been back in a unmotivated space and trying to regain motivation to keep going in this season of changes in my personal life. I hope you guys find power in regain your motivation to not only succeed and go after your dreams but do everything needed to become the best version of yourself that you can be in this life.

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