Truth Tuesday Dating 2020

Today's Blog post is about dating currently in 2020. Everyone wants to find and be in love but no one is really willing to put in the work that it takes to build and be involved in a healthy meaningful relationship. Everyone is so guarded with there feelings and don't know who to be real with or trust so they play games to see who will give in first so they don't end up getting hurt. But what ever happen to real genuine love and liking someone because they make you feel a certain way or you have a genuine connection with them. With all the things taken place in the world today finding love should be the least of your worries. Dating has turned into casual texting , sexing and common nights of netflix and chill and who will pay for the first date meal. Men have taken on the role of the women and women have taken on the role of men.Men want women to pay for dates and choose not to pursue women and women have become the pursuers paying for dates and more. No one is being properly taught how to date so everyone is all over the place doing everything and not fully understanding who they are and what role they play as both the man and woman and the equal responsibility that it takes to maintain a relationship. All we have seen or known is what our parents have placed before us and looking up to people who have social status and show us how things should look.

Truth is things have changed with time and so have we as people. What matters now is how we decide to move forward as people and really learn the meaning of dating. The Truth about dating is that it was created as a way for people to find out what they like and dislike and to date to find there potential long term partner leading to marriage. It was never intended for people to turn it into a competition of who can sleep with the most people and get numbers etc. Between the music that is played and social influences that are displayed no one is being transparent enough to teach us how to really deal or approach dating. It is not complicated it is simple both men and women want to be loved, supported,appreciated and spoiled. The common thing that people tend to forget these days is giving to much too soon to the wrong person. Take your time really get to know a person before you start getting your feelings involved ask questions go on fun dates learn what each other likes and build a true friendship.

If there is no friendship before the relationship and you don't know the person how do expect to have a happy relationship with the person it will end before it even starts. Fellas I know many of you have gotten away from being a gentleman but it pays off in the long run. It don't cost much to show the person you take interest in to buy her that favorite cookie ,cake or candy that she likes surprise her with and appreciation card from time to time. Flowers never go out of style learn her what makes her smile and happy and I promise you that she will make sure you get whatever it is that you want. When you treat us right we have no choice but to treat you like the Kings that you are. Change the way you view and date don't waist people's time or energy if you know it's not really what you want. Let's do better with dating change the way you date think long term not short term everyone deserves to be happy in love.

Here are some articles to help you date better in 2020 enjoy and be motivated to change the way you date for the better.

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