Understanding each season has a reason

There are a total of 4 seasons within a year. Each season is predicted to have a certain temperature, light, and weather patterns that repeat yearly. Sometimes we can predict what will take place during the season and other times we don’t know what we may get. There is a saying that says people are placed in your life for a specific reason and season. This message by itself is powerful because with each season that we have within the year something is going to grow, be taken away, or replaced with something new. Learning how to move with the seasons and understand the unique message that each season is meant to teach us.

As people, we’ve become so out of tune with understanding that within our own lives we have seasons of being delayed. Often we tend to forget when it’s time to release and let go of things that no longer serve us. But what we fail to realize is that to receive what we desire and truly want we have to reconnect and redirect our attention and focus where it needs to be.

We get so busy distracted with social media, people, friendships, relationships that we Miss the lesson that was sent to teach us something. We forgot about ourselves we fight so hard to be in the limelight, gain positions of power, seeking validation from people and things that can’t give us what we truly need. The truth is they don’t care about you or what you're doing with your life. They just want temporary access to you and serving as a spy. Making sure that you don’t go further or do better than the level where you meet them at.

How do I know this because I’ve gone through so many seasons of losing that now I count all my wins as true blessings? They say it gets cold at the top and now I truly understand what that means. The people you think care about you and would be there to support you are the main ones who never really show up for you. Sometimes you even outgrow people and situations you thought would last forever. The reality is they were there for a season with a purpose and reason. Don’t ever forget that everyone who comes into your life is not there to be given a permanent position. Allow time to be your guide for showing you that what’s meant to be will be and will always find it’s way back to you.

My overall message for the post is to help many of you understand that it’s okay to remove people who no longer serve any valuable purpose in your life. Move with a purpose and on purpose don’t apologize for moving on and wanting better for yourself. You owe no one any explanations of the choices and things you decide to do with your life. Pay attention to your energy and allow your spirit to be a guide to assist you in making the right decisions and connections. Always remember what's removed from your life will be replaced with something better to get you to the next level of where you needed to be. Be alone and learn to appreciate your down seasons because once you up you never go back down to the bottom. Only people who stay at the bottom are people who become comfortable and okay with settling and being complacent in life. Do better be better to let the seasons guide and protect you move with it not against it. Checkout some more articles to help you below. Remember to like comment, share and subscribe to my website.



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