Understanding relationships and different forms of relationship abuse for men and women

This week I have chosen to talk about both the positive and negative side of relationships and the impact issues that both men and women face in relationships. If you are not fully aware there are different types of relationships and abuse that many may of us don’t even realize we’re faced with on a day to day basis of being with someone. When it comes to abuse there is no bias because both women and men deal with it. For many of us, a lot of the things we have seen as a child have become a huge role in the life we have begun to live as an adult. A lot of us imitate the behavior of which we've seen parents, close family members, friends, church people do because we felt they gave us hope of being something great or painted a false picture of what it means to possibly be something great. But the truth is they only knew how to do and handle the cards they were handed and that’s just enough to get by.

Which has left the gap of generation after generation to continue to fall behind because no one has asked real questions or tried to really understand the truth behind why so many people emphasize relationships but don’t really have a valid explanation as to what makes a relationship so important. See we've only been preached to and taught that the only right way to do a relationship is the biblical way but not the importance of how to main grow and be involved in a happy and healthy relationship. Trained to think that if we have sex or any physical touch with the opposite sex that it’s a sin or crime and we have to repent for it. Oh, wait I have one better wait until marriage to have sex and you have to marry a person if you get them pregnant.

All of these rules but not enough proper teaching, moments of truth and teaching us how to enjoy our youth. so when we become adults we can understand the real meaning of how to be cautious of who we choose to get into relationships with and making sure we're not making the same hereditary mistakes that are being passed down because of what's in our genetic genes or from what our eyes have seen. Everyone views relationships are different and that is fine no one see’s everything the same. But today I want to help educate as many young women and men in my generation as I can to understand relationships better and bring awareness to you for what to pay attention to so this experience does not happen to you.

There are different types of relationships and these are the most common ones and articles to understand them better. Also to help you see what category you fall under and how maybe it can or has affected you in trying to pursue relationships with the opposite sex male or female.

Monogamous Relationships.

Polyamorous Relationships.

Open Relationships.

Long-Distance Relationships.

Casual Sex Relationships.

'Friends With Benefits' Relationships.

Asexual Relationships.


The different types of Relationships abuse





Physical abuse

Sexual abuse.

Verbal or emotional abuse.




Videos on Breakdown of Relationships



I have provided articles and videos for you guys to read and takes notes to take what you can from these articles and help bring awareness to someone who might be in a current relationship that needs attention because it shows signs of abuse don’t be a victim. Relationships are meant to help others grow and be better find your strengths and weaknesses and get the proper help so you don’t hurt yourself or those around you. I invite everyone in to talk about your view on relationships why it’s important, what needs to change in our generation for relationships, why are there so many different types of relationships and lastly how do you all feel social media has affected the real meanings of relationships. Leave comments, like and subscribe your voice will be heard and matters.

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