Where comfort meets style: sexy corduroy wedges

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Showing comfort and sexy on another level and bringing back the style of corduroy back to life.

What is an outfit without a hot shoe added to it. Today I decided to wear these nice burnt orange corduroy wedges as a highlight to go with my floral flower printed shirt with my ripped dark blue jeans. Lets just say I was feeling myself with hair, nails and outfit choice for the day. There are many ways to add small hints of corduroy to your daily fit or closet. The cool part about this outfit was I got everything at your local Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Learning how to rock and wear corduroy is trending so where do you stand with rocking the trend. Looking for new and creative ways to wear corduroy pants,skirts,dresses,shoes and tops checkout the article links below to gain more knowledge on styling your corduroy outfits.



“Create your own corduroy design in mind be playful and trendy."

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